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Challenge Arcobaleno Young 2014”

(Reserved to Representative teams of Male and Female Cadets)


  1. Competition Schedule:

Male Cadets (1999-2000): 80 – 300-1000 – 100 Hurdles – Long Jump – Shot Put – Relay 4×100

Female Cadets (1999-2000): 80-300 – 1000-80 Hurdles – High Jump – Shot Put – Relay 4×100

  1. The participation of Representative teams / Delegations (both EAP or Committees Provincial and / or Regional participating in the project) must be confirmed (on the appropriate form provided by the Organization) by the deadline of 15/06/2014.

  1. Each delegation can participate / be registered with both the two formations (Male Cadets and Female Cadets) and a single training (or Male Cadets or Female Cadets).

  1. Ranks will be prepared and awards will be assigned to both Female and male Cadet Teams.

The Organisers can provide (according to the available budget) refunds for travel expenses to the delegations that will be classified in the first 3 places of the ranking Female Cadets and in the first 3 places of the ranking Male Cadets.

  1. Ranks rules:

For both the Female Cadet Category and the male one, the ranking will be prepared based on the top 5 results of 5 different races (including the relay), according to the existing Fidal tables.

Each athlete can contribute to the team score up to a maximum of 2 races – including relay race – to which he/she participates.

  1. Each athlete can be enrolled into two individual events in addition to the relay race, with the limitation for the athletes participating to the 1000 meter race not to run other races.

  1. Except as stated in section 4) there are no refunds / travel allowances for representative participants, with the exception of the EAP Delegations (that will follow the rules of procedure in Europe Athletisme Circuit Promotion).

  1. It is still allowed individual participation (beyond the delegations officially registered) to enrolled female and male athletes in the category Cadets for the year 2014



A.S.D. CENTRO ATLETICA CELLE LIGURE COMUNE DI CELLE LIGURE C/o Servizio Sport Comune di Celle Ligure Via Poggi 61 – 17015 Celle Ligure (SV)


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